We are talking about selling marijuana seeds in bulk when you buy unpackaged units in the traditional format of each seed bank, or when you make a wholesale purchase delicious seeds in an online shop.

These can be purchased directly from some Growshops or dedicated vendors. They are usually wanted by people or dispensaries who want to grow crops.

Cannabis seeds

In the process, the packaging and some intermediaries are saved, so the acquisition cost is much lower, and you obtain a greater profitability in your crop.

They tend to have excellent quality and a guarantee of femininity due to the treatment with Silver Thiosulfate, which gives them the characteristic brown color.

At Notorious we acquire seeds in bulk, exclusively from breeders or producers of proven quality and track record. This ensures that our wholesale marijuana seeds maintain the quality that characterizes our store.

Despite being a sale oriented to large quantities, in our catalog of bulk seeds, you can buy seeds from 1 unit to the ones you need.

Techniques for choosing the right bulk cannabis seeds

Many times the bulk marijuana seeds are second-choice, but there are several producers who sell their seeds first-line, unpacked and in large quantities at a lower price.

This is why we can offer such attractive prices for quality seeds. That said, it is important to have some extra considerations when purchasing seeds in bulk.

Marijuana Seeds

The first thing is to make sure that the seller is an established business or a reputable person in the business. With this we will have someone to go to in case of having any problem.

It is also important to take a good look at the seeds. Ideally these should have a certain uniformity in size. If you see that half the seeds are very large and the other half very small (say, twice the size), it is an indicator that there is more than one genetics involved.

Also its color must be constant between all the seeds. Remember the characteristic brown of the seeds treated with Silver Thiosulfate, all the seeds must go through their application.

Don’t worry if you find a lighter or smaller seed, it is normal, but if you see big differences in many seeds, you should consult.

Bulk seeds should be grown just like any other cannabis seed. It is important to germinate them carefully, store them in cool, dry places with little temperature variability. Avoid mechanical damage, and try not to save them for more than one season.

Most popular varieties of cannabis

If you sow in September outdoors and you are not in a hurry, you can try a good feminized Sativa, such as the classic  Amnesia Fem, with proven results, or the Black Domina Fem, easy to grow and fast flowering.

For indoors we suggest taking a look at the North American  Girl Scout Cookies, or one of the many bulk automatic machines if you are looking for a faster harvest, such as the legendary  Magnum Auto or the tasty Blackberry Auto.

If you have any questions, you can consult one of our Notorious experts. But in general you should consider automatic varieties for faster crops, and feminized only for summer crops, sown in September or October at the latest. Find out and find your best option!

Benefits of the method

It allows us to control the entire germination process of marijuana seeds, seeing success at every step. In case of failure, we will know quickly.

Many seed banks offer a guarantee for the germination of their marijuana seeds if you show that you carried out this process correctly. We recommend registering everything with photos or videos to support your job well done, or to indicate possible errors.

It is a germination method with a very high level of success. Virtually all healthy seeds germinate well if done correctly.

It is made with materials that we normally have at home.

Cons of the method

It requires being delicate and careful. You have to constantly monitor the process. It is more complex than the methods mentioned above. It exposes the radicle, which can be fatal if not treated carefully.

Other methods to germinate marijuana seeds

There are other methods to germinate marijuana seeds, with means such as rock wool or coconut fiber. These are more specific and are used for hydroponic or water nutrient control crops. We recommend starting with the basics and then progressing with more advanced techniques. Remember that you can always consult our Notorious experts, who will be happy to help you with any questions. Now to germinate marijuana seeds  !

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