Chronic pain, migraines, nausea, loss of appetite, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, stress, panic attacks: who has never suffered from one of these widespread and widespread ailments?

It is likely that anyone among our readers has experienced them at least once on their own skin and, in general, has had to face the choice of one or more useful methods to be able to deal with such discomforts, such as antibiotics, painkillers, analgesics or even anxiolytics and psychotropic drugs recommended by the treating doctors.

Yet, no  medical therapy  – regularly prescribed – indicates a natural solution which, in fact, exists, exists and is totally natural and effective!

As you are probably already imagining, especially after taking a look at the title of our in-depth study today, we are talking about  medical marijuana, the new frontier of science that, with the help of nature, could give life to a real breakthrough in resolution. of a long series of health problems, without the need to resort to the excessive use of drugs which, not always, can be particularly respectful of the body.

The medical marijuana  must therefore be considered as a kind of great opportunity for the patient, and – in a not too distant future – it is possible that it could no longer be enclosed in a niche of harmful situations, but may instead be used on a broader spectrum.

Even without resorting to actual medical marijuana, we certainly cannot define as an isolated case the fact that in recent times the online sales of the  “ Therapy ” variety, used precisely to combat various pains and ailments, have taken off.

But how can you have this exceptional light  and, therefore, legal cannabis strain at home  ?

Certainly the safest system is to turn to one of the many cannabis shops found in the vast world of the internet to buy products that are certified and effective, like ours!

It will then be necessary for anyone who wants to try or resort to the use of  medical marijuana  to inform themselves well and in a truly complete way on the cannabis varieties that can be ordered on the sites and on the effects that any consumption of them can produce on the body.

In this Friday, May 8, 2020 photo shows a mature marijuana plant flowering prior to harvest under artificial lights at Loving Kindness Farms in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

The use – now widespread and constant – of cannabis as a  therapy  to counter pain of various kinds, sleep disorders, anxiety crises due to a hectic life, has determined the decline of the prejudice that, in a totally unmotivated way – also on medical marijuana –  reigned supreme for a very long time.

Of course, having made this premise, those who have an interest in consuming the “miraculous” inflorescences as a  therapy, will  surely be wondering how they should choose between the different types proposed and which one is more suitable for their needs.

The answer could not be simpler: there is a solution, it is particularly effective and is called – precisely – “ therapy”.

But what are the main characteristics of this variety? What is the real content of the psychoactive substance  THC ? How is it grown? We have thought about who – at this moment – is asking these questions and to clear away any doubts or perplexities, we will analyze the characteristics that medical marijuana possesses and, at the same time, we will evaluate the effects that its use can determine on the organism..

So all you have to do is read this in-depth analysis to be able to know more. In the end, if you still have doubts, we recommend that you contact our customer service center, where our experts will always be at your side to solve any kind of question!

Medical Marijuana: “Therapy” in name and in fact – The potential of this extraordinary light variety

The step forward, that of the scientific breakthrough, as well as an effective and perfect natural remedy for anyone, an inflorescence with a pleasant taste and unmistakable smell, as well as unmistakable are its beneficial properties.

So we have the pleasure of presenting ” Therapy”, even if, on balance, this variety of medical marijuana does not need great presentations because the extraordinary effects and benefits that it is capable of determining on the organism of those already “speak”. who use it.

“Therapy” is clearly a  hybrid, the first to be commercialized by promoting its therapeutic purpose. This extraordinary variety is characterized – unlike the others – by a considerable content of the cannabidiol metabolite, or CBD, and by a minimal concentration of Delta-9-hydrocannabidinol, which is indicated by the synthetic abbreviation “THC”.

So, for the sake of information, it is obviously appropriate to specify that, in fact, the presence of THC is less than 0.5% (and therefore falls within the legal canons provided for by the current legislation) while that of CBD reaches 13%.

This type of medical marijuana is perfectly – and mathematically! – balanced: in fact, half of it has collected the indica heritage and the other half that  sativa. More specifically, it is a variety that, in truth, is not derived from the common hemp, but derives its origin from the type of marijuana used mainly for recreational use.

Therefore, medical marijuana of this type well satisfies the needs of those who like to resort to a natural remedy without having particularly excessive effects, but always without sacrificing taste. With  therapy,  among other things, it does not reduce the level of attention and reflexes and the involvement of the senses is minimal, despite the effective therapeutic effect that the body benefits from. We could therefore also argue that this variety of medical marijuana is universal, that is, suitable for anyone who wants to experience a pleasant-tasting and relaxing inflorescence for the body, as well as useful as a  therapy  and treatment of painful symptoms.

Therapy: an explosion of taste, pleasure and benefits for body and mind

The union of taste, pleasure and benefit becomes a formidable trio that crowns this type of  medical marijuana  which is one of the most loved by those who shop in online light cannabis shops.

Obviously, Therapy does  give pleasure and benefits, but in a totally legal way since it excellently complies with the standards and limits of CBD and THC as established by the current legislation on the subject, or the  Law n.242 / 2016.

Precisely for this reason it is understandable that when we talk – in these lines – of medical marijuana, we are certainly not talking about those products with a high THC content, which are sold only on prescription, as happens in the hypothesis of therapeutic cannabis and multiple sclerosis..

In this case, the therapeutic use of cannabis is mild! We are not talking about medical cannabis in the sense of the word, but about cannabis for therapeutic use that can bring widespread benefits to our body, giving a feeling of relief and general relaxation.

A mix of sweet and fruity flavors combined perfectly with the truffle and earthy notes is responsible for mental and body well-being. An explosive fruit concentrate that includes the tasty and relevant nuances of red fruits, kiwi and nectar and other combinations that enhance the flavor also characterized by recognizable fresh and  citrus notes, mint, lemongrass, cloves, hashish and blackberries.

Therapy: beneficial properties and effects

It is now time to delve into the explanation of what are the beneficial consequences that can be obtained for body and mind, determined by the use of  medicinal cannabis. The perfect balance between the genes of hemp sativa and those of the indica variety and the harmonization between THC and CBD, allow you to consider this type of cannabis completely legal as a real  therapy.

From the most intense pains to the lightest ones, the therapeutic herb is also used to counteract anxiety and depression, inflammation, epilepsy (even childhood) and fibromyalgia. The  Therapy  could also be used as a treatment of Dravet syndrome, multiple sclerosis and also of Crohn’s disease and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, although there are no specific studies that can uniquely demonstrate the obtaining of real benefits in this sense.

Instead of or as a support to medicines, prescription medical marijuana can be defined as such also due to the properties and characteristics typical of cannabidiol. One of the advantages of  therapy  is given by the fact that it is not exclusively therapeutic but, on the contrary, it is highly appreciated among lovers of light cannabis, even lighter due to the minimal presence of THC. The recreational effect  is very subtle and contributes to total relaxation, promotes a certain calm and serenity and guarantees a restful and regenerating sleep.

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