Five hundred years ago, a Chinese botanist first prescribed cannabis for medicinal use. Throughout history, marijuana has been used to alleviate or combat malaria, rheumatic pain, constipation and other ailments. The Chinese were among the first to use it as a pain reliever.

Research into medical cannabis is continually advancing. The marijuana plant contains more than eighty cannabinoids. Among the most recent discoveries in modern medicine research, the second most concentrated cannabinoid stands out: cannabidiol or CBD. CBD and THC are the most abundant.

The CBD cannabis is emerging as a revolution for its therapeutic properties. We can say that it is the type of cannabinoid of the marijuana plant with the most medicinal benefits that exists so far. Cannabinoid CBD is not psychoactive. It reduces and prevents inflammations and nausea, diabetes, fights alcoholism, post traumatic stress, schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, it is anxiolytic, antipsychotic and analgesic.

What is the main difference between cannabinoid THC and CBD?

The main difference between both cannabinoids is that THC is more abundant in marijuana plants, but it is psychoactive, that is, it is the cause of ‘highs’ when taking marijuana. THC is more abundant in plants, but it is increasingly common to find seeds with high levels of CBD.

Are there high CBD medical marijuana seeds?

There are thousands of types of marijuana seed. However, if you want to grow medicinal cannabis plants for therapeutic use, you can focus on searching for those that have been selected for their high CBD. More and more growers are searching seed banks for those with a higher concentration level of cannabidiol or CBD.

Does marijuana fight cancer?

The most recent clinical trials, carried out in recent times, have shown that both THC and CBD, used individually, help us fight cancer. Much research has shown that CBD kills cancer cells without affecting healthy ones. However, we have to be cautious, it is necessary to carry out more research to consider came to consider marijuana as a natural alternative capable of fighting a disease such as cancer.

Are high CBD seeds feminized or autoflowering?

In seed banks we can find both feminized seeds with a high concentration of CBD and autoflowering. We will be interested in buying more of them depending on the space we have, the time we can dedicate to cultivation and the level of production we want to obtain.

What are the most CBD feminized seeds out there?

1. CBD Jam

This strain has a CBD of 12%. It has the best aroma and flavor of sweet fruit that we can find and offers a relaxing effect on the body. Thanks to its high level of CBD, it is hardly psychoactive, so we can inhale it every day. It is feminized and blooms 55 days after planting it.

2. CBD Critical Cure

Seeds of this type provide us with a relaxing, antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect. Its CBD levels are 8% and THC 5.5%, so its psychoactive effects are very low. The plant produces compact buds and blooms fifty to sixty days after planting it.

3. Shark Shock CBD

It is a strain that produces marijuana with a bittersweet and intense flavor. It is highly recommended if you want to treat muscle pain, depression or insomnia. Its CBD concentration level is 6%, similar to that of THC. It is feminized and blooms eight weeks after planting, you can grow it both indoors and outdoors.

What are the best autoflowering strains with high CBD?

1. Haze Auto CBD

It is a strain with which we can grow to get marijuana with touches of wood and incense. His CBD levels are 7% vs. 5.5% THC. Its flowering time is seventy days. We can get a good harvest, calculated at about 500 g / m2, making it an ideal medicinal cannabis seed to plant in smaller places, even on the balcony since it is not a tall plant.

2. Industrial Plant Auto CBD

In this case, the strain produces a cannabis flavor with fresh fruit and light touches of spices. It is one of the most CBD containing, its levels are 13.3% compared to 5.8% THC. It is very suitable if you want to achieve a mental and physical balance, in addition to relieving muscle pain, fighting insomnia or simply to relax. It blooms seventy days after planting it. It can offer you a good production, between 300 or 500 g / m2, especially abroad.

3. La Rica Auto CBD

This strain contains very balanced CBD and THC levels of 7% each. It is perfect for medicinal use and blooms in just 9-10 weeks. It offers us a sweet strawberry flavor.

4. Black Domina Auto CBD

It is a seed with which we will obtain marijuana plants in which the presence of CBD and THC cannabinoids is the same, both 5.5%. It is serene and sedative, with great analgesic, antiemetic properties and is very beneficial to alleviate the pain of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Its flowering period is only nine weeks. It is very easy to grow. If you are new, this plant can offer you good results.

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