The strain and smoke from the Afghan seeds makes the body completely stoned, but still a person can work with a sense of elevation. There are many other medical uses for these seeds. This plant reduces stress, nausea and relieves pain. This plant does not grow tall, but gives a high yield in a short period. This high yield gives growers a good income.

New Growers Prefer This Seed

small sativa plant

Afghan Feminized can be grown outdoors and indoors. Naive growers have also achieved a good harvest by cultivating these plants. People who have insomnia may have this tension to sleep well. When the plant is blooming it gives a slight citrus smell. When the buds are burned and smoked there is a strong flavor that gives a smooth smoke.

This plant can reach a height of about 30-40 cm. Each plant can give a product of approximately 350 grams. The THC level of the plant is around 0% to 15%. The plant has leaves everywhere and when the buds are blooming there is a lot of resin on it.

The plants are short and the harvest time is much shorter. This makes growers choose this plant to get good value in a short period of time. Even if growers make a few mistakes as they grow, there is a good harvest.

Look into the water and the intensity of the sunlight

A little sunlight, water and fertilizers are the main needs of the plant. The amount of sunlight, water and fertilizer must not reach an intolerable level. If they are under limits then the plant grows successfully. If the seeds are purchased from the seller saying the correct specifications, then the grower gets indoor and outdoor seeds separately. There are delivery services worldwide.

It is better to look at a genuine buyer who is giving feminized seeds. Some of the vendors promise a higher germination rate. Prices can also be compared so that we can buy where the seeds are cheaper and better.

Get proper instructions

If the customer argues with the seller then he can get the proper instructions on the best harvest. Water, sunlight and fertilizer in appropriate proportion can give the best product. Plants that are grown indoors should be put in a pot where the soil is loose. The seeds have to be placed at least a few inches in the soil. Irrigation and sunlight should not be intense until the plant grows. If they are well cared for even outdoors the cultivation gives better results and therefore there are a lot of benefits.

It is best to see if the country where the customer lives has legalized rules for marijuana. There are many countries where the rules for marijuana have changed. Now the government is studying the medical side of the plant and therefore legalization is becoming common in many states.

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