Cannabis is a wonderful substance that nature gives us to offer our body and mind an escape of pleasure.

For those who are immersed in the cannabis culture, one of the practices that offers the most satisfaction is knowing how to make marijuana seeds and travel to the genesis of this herb.

The elaboration of seeds through your plants allows you as a grower to enjoy your own creations and make your crops sustainable, since you will not depend on an external seed bank, nor will you have to make a new investment before a new season.

Once the product plant your seeds begin to bloom, the result is a cannabis own genetic you can share with friends and compare it with varieties of autoflowering cannabis ,  regular marijuana seeds or feminized you can find in the market.

If you want to take the step and start as a grower of your own  feminized seeds pay attention, the goal is that you know how to make regular and standard marijuana seeds, and build your own cannabis variety from the combination of a female and a male plant.

How to make marijuana seeds with a female plant

Critical kush plant

When we make the choice of the mother or female plant from which our seed will be born, you must be sure that you have a quality clone , you can select it from the strain that you like and if you are not totally sure which one may be the best, Study the seed and choose it according to its characteristics.

It may turn out that at first it is not easy to find the correct mother plant , in which case we recommend that you play it safe.

Those strains that have remained between your crops and have responded with a healthy and abundant flowering are the ones that we have to place as the first option.

There are a number of clones that have traditionally been cultivated and crossed so many times that you can consult their properties and characteristics for your offspring.

If you do not have a female plant, you can start the germination of many seeds and, from there, select the plant that stands out the most.

To make this decision, you should look for a plant to your liking that is also a producer of good cannabis, with a powerful effect and that produces abundant resin.

The higher the quality of the mother plant, the better your children will be.

Some of the characteristics that you should appreciate in a mother plant are:

Hermaphroditic resistance

The hermaphrodite marijuana plant is the one that develops female and male flowers at the same time , this characteristic is natural in the cannabis plant but it is a trait that should be avoided in your cultivation , the presence of male seeds in your plant reduces the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Hermaphroditism can be generated for two reasons, genetic or environmental.

Genetically there are certain strains that are more sensitive than others to this phenomenon.

Some marijuana plants become hermaphrodite thanks to stress or if they go through many difficulties to reach flowering.


This is a difficult characteristic to predict in a crop , but the yield will depend a lot on the density of the crop, the more plants and space you will have a higher yield.

However, there is the genetic disposition of some varieties that offer more abundant harvests.

When choosing how to make marijuana seeds, you must take into account the cultivation method that you will use and define whether it will be indoor or outdoor, in any case the first will always offer a lower yield than the second.


The potency of cannabis is a very important factor for smokers , the hit of cannabis is directly related to the concentration of THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana.

Each individual has a different resistance to THC, on average a powerful strain can have between 20% and 25% concentration.

Smell and taste

If there is an important factor that adds value to your harvest, it is the smell and taste of cannabis.

When planning how to make marijuana seeds it is important to take into account the aroma present in the plants selected for crossing.

Many varieties have a fruity, wood or species aroma, that smell is transferred to the palate and the smoker is able to taste the citrus or sweet buquet that cannabis emanates.

It is normal to bring marijuana to our nose before trying it, the smell has become a cover letter for cannabis and the invitation to smoke it.

There is a lot of information on techniques to achieve the best results in terms of smell and taste, not only to improve the feeling of smoking but also to raise the quality of your harvest.

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