Few subjects have become as popular in recent times within cannabis culture as hashish and cannabis extractions and concentrates. Although it has been produced and consumed for centuries, just like Cannabis itself, Hashish has been gaining more and more followers, and mainly producers and space within the legal plant market. And as much as everyone knows that Hashish is nothing more than the extraction of THC to achieve greater psychoactive potency, few know its history or how to make Hash itself.

Understanding what hashish is is fundamental for any stoner. After all, in addition to being increasingly available in the legal industry, as in legalized American states, in coffee shops in Amsterdam, and also in cannabis cups and events that take place in Uruguay, there are also more and more accessories available for extractions on the head and grow shops. They are items both for storing and handling Hashish, but also for producing using different methods and techniques.

Understanding what hashish is

If we are going to summarize, Hashish is nothing more than separation of a substance from a plant, in this case THC, from the others, seeking to find a higher concentration of purity of this element. However, as we are talking about a complex plant like marijuana, the explanation may be a little longer as well. This is because it is necessary to know where all this potency of Tetrahydrocannabidiol is.

To make Hashish, it is necessary to find the most resinous Trichomes of a Cannabis plant. That is, those resinous and sticky crystals, which usually stay close to the flowers of the female plants, are the ones that release these glands full of THC. These Trichomes or crystals can be extracted in different ways: manually, with solvents or BHO, or even with the immersion of Cannabis in cold water.

And it is because of different production methods that Hashish can have different aspects and colors, which ends up confusing many who do not know. It can be like a modeling clay, but also like a crystal or glass, or even oil. Hashish can also have a dark brown color, but also yellow, black, beige, and even dark green inside. It all depends on how it was extracted.

Since it is an extraction of Cannabis itself, Hashish has very similar effects, only many times more intense. This happens precisely because it is a THC concentrate, reducing the presence of other substances. Therefore, those who use hashish have a practically pure THC “breeze”, since many can reach up to 99% purity. However, the most common are percentages of 50% to 80%, which also ends up guaranteeing the presence of other elements, such as the CBD itself that promotes medicinal effects.

How to consume Hashish

There are different ways to consume Hashish, and this can also vary depending on how it was produced and what the texture of the final result is. Some prefer to put the hash next to the joint or even a tobacco, to feel only its unique flavor. There are those who prefer to “honey” the beck with hashish too, especially when it is more liquid or oily. Many people enjoy putting that hash “snake” on top of the beck too.

However, one of the most used ways to consume Hashish today is through bongs, or even dab stations that can be connected to the electrical energy keeping the container warm by simply dropping the extract to burn and be swallowed. There are vaporizers that allow the use of hashish too, which is great for reducing damage.

Different Methods for Making Marijuana Extractions

As we mentioned earlier, in addition to there being different ways of consuming hashish, there are also different methods for its extraction. Most hash producers tend to have their preference, but try all the alternatives before you are sure, as they can all offer great concentrates.

  • Extraction with alcohol.
  • Extraction of hashish with butane gas (BHO).
  • Bubble Hash.
  • Rosin.
  • Charas.
  • Dry Sift extraction.

Producing the hash itself

Once you know each of the methods for obtaining hash, just choose one of them to produce the hash itself. To put it into practice, just have a natural marijuana, preferably grown by yourself, which gives an even better taste for everything. And of course, the equipment needed to get started.

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